Tai Chi Leque - 18 Movimentos - criadora: Yang Li (Taiji Fan - 18 Form - creator:Yang Li)

Observação: Yang Li é nome da chinesa que criou a sequência 



Butterfly Lovers - Violin Concert
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" The tai chi fan is a beautiful and potentially deadly weapon. The Tai Chi Fan 18-Form combines elements of Yang style Taiji and wushu fan techniques to create a graceful, circular form. Your instructor is Yang Li, creator of the form and a tai chi instructor at China's Beijing College of Physical Education. This is a rare opportunity to learn a form from its originator. Master Yang begins teaching you fan skills from the very basics of how to hold, open, toss and catch the fan. Then you'll learn stance, foot placement, and stepping. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, begin learning the 18-form in segments with multiple views, slow motion and detailed instruction. This is an excellent introduction to the fan - no previous experience necessary! Note: This DVD has English, French, Spanish and Chinese audio tracks as well as a printed booklet (inside the DVD case) with a description of the form in all four languages." (fonte: Martial Arts Emporium)

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