Origami Dart Mandala - Modart

  3 níveis - em destaque os módulos
3 níveis - melhor forma de combinar as cores: cada nível uma cor

3 níveis

2 níveis

3 níveis - verso

4 níveis

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  1. Hi Edi...So happy to try my model!!!And you managed just looking at it!!!Congrats.I
    In fact it is so simple,but with such a great effect!Isn't it?
    Initial the model was named "Alegria Rosette"..but after a time I realised that is more suitable this new name "Dart Mandala"...has something of dart airplanes or of that game named "Dart"!

    What is very attractive at this model is the flower at center(first level) with a great stability!
    Just 2 levels looks very good as a flower decor!
    Here is with 3 levels,also I tried with 4 as a big decoration for a wall!
    Beautiful in alternance as I see in your work!
    And very nice the draw!

    Can be an excellent apllication for beginners of Waterbomb base!

    Best regards from Romania!

    1. Hello, Modart. Thanks. I saw the great potencial of this your creation: the stability of the first level (unbelievable); the infinity levels [1:2:3:4: ....] as a tesselation; the simple variability of bomb base; use to begginers; etc.
      My work its not so good, but I prefered to use different paper colors to do more easy to origamist see the units. But I think that the best way of layout is to use the same color in each entire ring.
      Thanks for talk about the name of origami. I was asking me about it :)
      ((( Hugs )))

  2. Congratulations! I love the white and red, nice effect for the eyes!!!!!

    1. Hola que tal? Modart es un gran artista y su mandala blanca y roja es simples y bonita. Hay en su sitio varias creaciones chéveres. Hasta la vista.

  3. Here the old article(with 2,3,4 levels):

    (At that moment I saw in it a beautiful origami decor for Christmas...)

    It is very beautiful through alternation,in your case you put in evidence a cross at center.In my case is a only a concentric mandalas,in circles!

    1. Hi, Modart.
      Tks for the informations. I updated my post with them. I think it is ok now, but if you see something wrong, please talk to me.
      By the way concentric mandalas, in circles, are better expressive than alternated units.
      Bye bye


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