Origami - Estrela que Floresce (Estrella que Florece) - Javier Caboblanco Brasero


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  1. Felicitaciones precioso trabajo y muchas gracias por el tutorial!

  2. Intresting and very simple!Nice result!
    On my new blog I posted a tutorial about a new model of sakura flower!
    If you try it,just say me if therea are problemes with some steps.

    Have a nice week!

    1. Hi, Modart. I made your new sakura flower, and the steps are sufficient to do the origami. The last step (insert fold) it is not so easy to teach with pictures. But you reach a good result. Better then it, only a video. Congratulations. Bye bye

    2. Hi,Edi...yes some steps are difficult to be explain in images,only a video can explain better. Happy to see that you managed it.
      If you want to put the model in a video,you have my permission. With the name of author...Ciprian Vieru...I try to publish ,I have over 100 modeles for books.I have not enough time for this thing,are many problemes to find a good editor....
      I have not a rename as author ,so I have the intention to request some authors of videos for to be a little known.Of course I would be grateful...
      Have a good week!

    3. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.


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